"Ubizo" by Inga The Artists press release

YouTube dance sensation “Inga the Artist” and please do say the whole thing, is set to release a single with the intention of literally dancing to his own tune. Inga as his ID name reads first got exposed to the World Wide Web with his famed “classy gwara gwara” video that’s been shared by the likes of Gwara Gwara originator, Dj Bongs, and has been viewed over 200 000 times over the space of a month and the numbers are still growing. Inga states that he grew up dancing since he was old enough to stand he has been dancing since, it was only in his early adolescence when his grandmother introduced him to Sunday school when he realized he had a voice as well but he ignored his singing abilities in his late teens and made nothing of them. It was only in 2015 when he decided to start singing again through encouragement from his brother and now manager. Ubizo is about his story leading up to today, the point where he has embraced music, shared his dancing with the world and signed to an independent label called “Litt Music”. “Ubizo” which means “calling” was a title befitting the first song after many years of running away from his talents and now he is heeding the call and stepping up on stage to perform as he was destined to do. Ubizo is a song made to inspire all who might have a dream but through circumstances, the dream is delayed, Ubizo says to those with a dream, answer that God given talent and be who you were meant to be. Ubizo is a mix of lyrics that paint the story of Inga The Artist’s internal struggle laced with a drum paced beat by “Litt Music” label mate Dj Uzzi. His story is of song and dance and is summed up in Ubizo, “I hope you enjoy my song as much as I enjoyed making it, hope to catch you all on the dance floor.