Kxkxrxt_Wxlf was an Attrdgeville based entertainer. Primarily he spun the decks for GodLevel as their DJ. As with the mantra of Litt Music, everyone in the collective is multifaceted and Kxkxrxt_Wxlf was no different.

Apart from being a Dj, he was also a radio presenter, content producer, music compiler , and also a music producer (beat maker). Not just for the love but educated as well, having been a Soul Candi Institute of Music graduate.

Also not one who rested on his laurels, he was further educating himself about the entertainment industry and was studying a degree in at Boston media college in Sandton when he met his untimely departure. We as Litt Music honour our brother, friend and original “Litt Music” member and will release the music he left to us to share with the world.

R.I.P Kxkxrxt_Wxlf (Oman)