Mayhem KS

Soweto-based hip-hop artist Mayhem KS has a compelling way of grabbing listeners’ ears with the very first words he spews on the mic.

I grew up in Mapetla, Soweto in South Africa. Never really had many friends. All that time I spent alone, I learnt to tune into my inner voice which developed a deep fulfilment in me. Now, my mission is to make music that encourages people to follow their intuition.

Get in touch with Mayhem KS:

Whatsapp: 081 523 1796

Mayhem KS Zone


Mayhem KS Ka Da (Prod Kamaal)

Mayhem KS - Run (Prod. Kamaal)

Mayhem KS - Regrets (Prod. LT)

Mayhem KS - Pressure (Prod. Silas Beats)

Mayhem KS - Let's Vaai (Prod. Silas Beats)

Mayhem KS - Sync (TheMusicIssue)

Mayhem KS -Likely (Prod. Kamaal Thewan)

Mayhem KS - Purrty (Prod. Marvel Ink).mp3