Mayhem KS

Mayhem KS is an Alternative Hip Hop artist from Soweto.

He fell in love with Hip Hop when his cousins played it in the car being fetched by their grandpa from school in that '87 VW Golf 2. It eventually got handed down to him and he sold it to make his first project Love.Rap.Hustle:The EP which is now considered a classic by his fanbase. Now he connects with listeners over unique soundscapes, approaching his music with a raw confidence backed by his exciting lyrical ability & face-melting flows. His music inspires modern Hip Hop lovers in their mid 20s who are frustrated and lost, to feel a sense of drive and purpose! Unlike other Hip Hop artists, Mayhem KS is wildly honest about uncomfortable situations and his inner & outer life.

Mayhem KS has a prolific catalogue with 5 EPs under his belt: Love.Rap.Hustle, 1818:The Capsule, notfoRadio:vol.1, Water To The Brim a collabo with longtime producer LT, and his latest ESCAPE:EP Mayhem KS is an undeniable talent who looks to urge his listeners to follow their Intuition so all may chase their dreams and become better versions of themselves.

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Mayhem KS Ka Da (Prod Kamaal)

Mayhem KS - Run (Prod. Kamaal)

Mayhem KS - Regrets (Prod. LT)

Mayhem KS - Pressure (Prod. Silas Beats)

Mayhem KS - Let's Vaai (Prod. Silas Beats)

Mayhem KS - Sync (TheMusicIssue)

Mayhem KS -Likely (Prod. Kamaal Thewan)

Mayhem KS - Purrty (Prod. Marvel Ink).mp3

Mayhem KS - Bilidi [Remastered] (Prod. LT)

Mayhem KS - Comatose (Prod. Kamaal Thewan)

Mayhem KS - L.I.M.P (Prod. Marvel Ink)

Mayhem KS - CouldaSnapped (Prod. Marvel Ink)

Mayhem KS - Swim (Prod. Marvel Ink)

Mayhem KS - Run [Extended] (Prod. Kamaal Thewan)

Mayhem KS - Feet Up (Prod. Marvel Ink)

Pressure (Official Music Video)