Inga The Artist

Inga The Artist is a dancer and singer, in that exact order. Not to suggest that one skill is better than the other. He grew up dancing from a young age partaking in community dance projects, school shows and only later in life he discovered his voice like most black youth, in church.

He attended church most Sundays with his grandmother as so did many young youth, until one day when his grandmother “suggested” he join Sunday school. After taking his grandmother's words into consideration and joining Sunday school, he also joined the choir and soon thrived, later joined his school choir as well singing tenor and bass respectively.

Dance is the language of the body. Inga The Artist holds this sentiment dear whenever on stage and is fluent in spreading joy through dance. “When the beat hits I dare you not to move”. When he’s on stage he wants to spread joy through his music and dance, it’s quite infectious, you’ll see for yourself.

Inga The Artist: Ubizo

Inga The Artist: Uvalo(prod by Dj OOze)