GodLevel is a duo made up of two multifaceted individuals, Akhlile Afrika an events planner, designer and artists with ties in fashion, the other half being Bongi a filmmaker and artist. Their wide array of interests is evident in their music, a collection of their life stories in music.

“We are not rappers, we make music” is the duo's stance on their music, infusing different sounds to form songs that speak to the spirit of young and old. Their music also comes across in their clothing, being young expressive individuals.

The duo is also cousins and best friends making their partnership a whole lot richer, with a natural chemistry that could not be concocted in any lab, their music speaks for themselves, young black men in a South Africa constantly being defined and redefined. Its music for the enlightened by the enlightened.

Akhile Afrika

Abongile Baleni

Godlevel Skyff Litt Music Explicit